The Punjab Economic Opportunities Program (PEOP) is a flagship program of the Government of Punjab being implemented in partnership with the Department for International Development, Government of UK (DfID). PEOP aims to alleviate poverty and create inclusive growth in the province‟s high poverty districts – Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, Lodhran and Muzaffargarh – by increasing the employability and earnings of poor and vulnerable families.

This report summarizes the design-relevant findings using a random district-representative sample of 10,946 households in 709 Primary Sampling Units (PSUs) surveyed (out of a total 809 PSUs to be surveyed as part of the Baseline Household Survey Activity) in the Program Districts. The report provides results in six main areas that have important implications for program design:

1) demographics of the region
2) current state of the labor market
3) existing usage of training
4) demand for skills
5) obstacles to skills acquisition and skills training
6) labor market opportunities

The contribution of the report is ultimately to prioritize between a set of possible interventions (i.e., arguing there is more support for some versus others) and in providing analysis that informs design specific program features.

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