The Institute of Development & Economic Alternatives| IDEAS, proudly announces the culmination of its project on education, and subsequent report launch “Public Private Partnerships: Evidence from Pakistan”, at Serena Hotel, Islamabad, to be held on Friday, 07 August, 2015 at 11:00 AM.

Diverse groups of people, from policy analysts to government representatives, and NGOs to donors and academics, will be amalgamating expertise to better understand the current state of knowledge of Partnerships for Management (PfM), whereby the Public sector and the Private sector join hands to build state capacity for national access to education; the way forward for these mechanisms, and the factors that inhibit their operation.

This panel discussion and report launch is the culmination of a three-part policy dialogue around the IDEAS & I-SAPS (Institute of Social & Policy Sciences) project on “Public-Private Partnerships for Education (EPPPs) in Pakistan”. This project was funded by Ilm Ideas.

The main recommendations of the report, and discussions around it, purport that: There should be a significant evolution in the way that the government is viewing the role of civil society actors; Government representatives should formulate an official policy framework that establishes the Government’s primary responsibility for education provision, while also recognizing the capacity-building potential of private sector partners. Further, the government should provide the right incentives and share optimal resources with the private sector, to ensure a meaningful collaboration.

Find the Agenda here stay tuned to this space for the Online Launch of the Complete Report.