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Debating Ideas

High-Stakes Assessments

Posted May 06, 2016 by Faisal Bari This blog post originally appeared in Dawn, on May 06, 2016. JUNAID had one bad day in his academic career. His entry test…

(Book Review) Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception

We have known, for a fairly long time, that we can get swayed by short-term considerations and act against our long-term interests. We know we need to eat healthy and…

Learn while you teach

Investigators: Abbas Rashid (SAHE), Farooq Naseer (IDEAS, LUMS) Co-Investigators: Irfan Muzaffar (Associate Fellow, IDEAS), Faisal Bari (IDEAS), Rabea Malik (IDEAS), Javaeria Qureshi (University of Illinois at Chicago) The project will…
Non Formal Education in Pakistan Principal Investigator: Abbas Rashid (SAHE), Faisal Bari (IDEAS) Co-Investigators: Rabea Malik (IDEAS), Farooq Naseer (IDEAS), Irfan Muzaffar (Associate Fellow, IDEAS) A large number of children…
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