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Non Formal Education in Pakistan

Principal Investigator: Abbas Rashid (SAHE), Faisal Bari (IDEAS)

Co-Investigators: Rabea Malik (IDEAS), Farooq Naseer (IDEAS), Irfan Muzaffar (Associate Fellow, IDEAS)

A large number of children in Pakistan are getting their basic education through the non-formal education sector but the sector remains largely unexplored, under-funded and neglected by the policy makers. Therefore, the exact number of students enrolled, their curriculum and the numerous models of non-formal education available in Pakistan remain to be unknown.

The study focuses on exploring the non-formal education sector of Pakistan to gain and insight on its national and international situation and to understand how the sector can facilitate in fulfillment of Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan that stresses upon free and compulsory education for children between the ages of 5-16 in Pakistan. This would be done by a desk review of the national and international literature on the subject along with an analysis of the policies of the relevant government departments.

Secondly, the study aims at mapping the various models of non-formal education in Pakistan and will provide in-depth analysis on the models that are successful and sustainable. The study aims to understand the curriculum and testing techniques being offered to the students via the non-formal education sector. For this purpose, the project team is in contact with a organizations that have worked on the non-formal education in Pakistan. These meetings will allow the project team to gain insight on the sector which will facilitate their fieldwork.

Thirdly, at the moment, there is no concrete policy or strategy for these students which would allow them to step out of the non-formal education sector and eventually step into the formal education sector. This study aims at developing a framework of policies for main streaming the students of non-formal education.