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An Investigation into Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Punjab

Post 2002, the government of Punjab has implemented a number of reforms in the areas of teacher recruitment, retention, deployment and accountability. Research now confirms that teacher competencies, pedagogical content knowledge and qualifications have a significant impact on student learning outcomes. However, a connection needs to be made between teacher training and teacher recruitment and retention to see whether competent teachers are able to enter the public education sector and whether existing policies and politics provide them with the motivation to continue working in this sector.

USAID, under its Pre-STEP initiative, granted IDEAS a research grant in April 2013 to undertake an investigation into teacher recruitment and retention in the Punjab. Based on this study, a report was produced and submitted to USAID in August 2013. The findings of this report were later presented at various conferences including the USAID Education conference held in Karachi, August 2013; the UKFIET conference held at the University of Oxford in September 2013 and the LEDRS seminar held in Lahore in November 2013. IDEAS held a dissemination workshop on 3rd January, 2014 in order to convey the key findings and policy recommendations from this report to stakeholders in the education sector, key policy-makers and academics. This workshop generated a wider debate around teacher management policies that affect teaching quality. IDEAS now aims to explore in detail some of the main issues relating to the teaching sector that were highlighted by this report and the workshop.


An Investigation into Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Punjab
Faisal Bari, Reehana Raza, Monazza Aslam, Bisma Khan and Neelum Maqsood

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