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Investigation / Assessment of Private Partnerships for Management of State Sector Schools

Investigators: Rabea Malik (IDEAS), Faisal Bari (IDEAS), Maham Masood(IDEAS), Taha Mashhood (IDEAS), Abu Zar (IDEAS)

In grappling with problems of quality in state schools, the question of how to improve management of state schools remains an important one. Issues of teacher absenteeism and low teacher effort are to some degree problems of incentives and management of schools. Public private partnership (PPP) models where management of state schools is contracted to private providers (individuals and corporations) offer interesting cases where the impact of interventions that change management structures at the school level can be studied to generate evidence and insights about how such interventions can address existing problems of quality in traditional low-performing state schools. Contracting of management services is an under-researched dimension of PPPs in education, across the world and also in Pakistan. Specifically, there have been few rigorous studies conducted of ‘Adopt-a-School’ programs operating in Punjab and Sindh.


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