Visiting Fellow

Maryam is a Visiting Research Fellow at IDEAS. She has a B.A. from Cornell University (US), Graduate Diploma in Law from the College of Law (UK), Bar-at-Law from Lincoln’s Inn (UK), and LL.M (Honors) from Yale Law School (US). In 2009-2010, she became the first Pakistani scholar to receive the Oscar M. Ruebhausen Yale South Asia Fellowship from Yale Law School for teaching and research on law and related themes in the context of South Asia.

Maryam’s ongoing research focuses on the three broad areas of: (i) federal design and ethnicity-based politics, including local government laws and practices and their conflict-resolution dimensions, (ii) comparative constitutional law, institutional and legislative structures, and judicial power and activism, (iii) and compensation regimes under both civil and criminal legal frameworks in the larger context of social protection and pathways into and out of poverty. A list of Maryam’s representative publications is available at:

Maryam was formerly an Assistant Professor at the Law & Policy Program at LUMS, where she developed and taught courses ranging from the core themes of the Law of Tort and Criminal Law, to more advanced themes like Comparative Constitutional Law, and finally to specialized electives like Law & Development. She also played an instrumental role in conceptualizing and instituting a vocational training-based course on legal aid practice in 2013. This initiative was part of a longer-term vision to establish a Legal Education Clinic at LUMS in collaboration with the Open Society Foundation.

Research Focus

  • Institutional reform of the police
  • Mobilisation of the legal complex for social and political action
  • Judicial politics and court reform
  • Litigant demand for court-centered remedies for civil wrongs
  • Federal design and ethnicity-based politics
  • 'Crime-Torts'
  • Comparative constitutional law and history

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