Policy Dialogue on the Adopt a School Programme
IDEAS Appointed Ayesha Jalal as the New Chairperson of the Board and Welcomes 3 New Board Members
Dissemination Workshop: An investigation into Teacher Recruitment and Retention in the Punjab
IDEAS Launches 3 New Projects on Education: Non Formal Education in Pakistan, Learning While Teaching & Private Partnerships for Management of State Schools.
  • Reforming Local Government in Pakistan

    Posted November 5, 2014 by Ali Cheema
    Ali Cheema One year into the term of the new Pakistani government and promises to hold local government elections across the country have not fully materialised. Polling took place in Baluchistan in December 2013 but local elections scheduled to take place in Sindh and Punjab appear to have been deferred indefinitely. In this context, Ali Cheema, Adnan Khan and Roger Myerson analyse local democracy in Pakistan and recommend ways in which to strengthen the system.

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